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Research initiatives within the Department of Surgery at Weill Cornell Medicine are more exciting than ever.

Our active research programs impact a wide range of fields, including cancer, stem cell therapies, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, transplantation and wound healing.

Despite the breadth of our research initiatives, all share the same goal: to bring new approaches that treat debilitating human disease straight to our patients, based on the development and translation of basic science breakthroughs.

This objective can only be accomplished through a true fusion of basic science and clinical expertise. Bringing scientific discoveries from the lab bench to bedside presents real challenges, but our faculty has a distinguished history of excellence in scientific discovery and clinical innovation.

Our strengths include faculty members who are comfortable using cross-disciplinary approaches to meet any challenge they face and to develop novel therapies to treat and cure disease. We combine our expertise in the molecular genetics of cell and organ development and function with expertise in the surgical sciences to identify and target the bottlenecks that currently impede clinical progress.

Our investigators are engaged in many collaborative efforts, internally within Weill Cornell Medicine, across the Tri-Institutional community in New York City (which includes Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and The Rockefeller University) and beyond.

Administrators, technicians, students, fellows, residents, and faculty all contribute to our research community and make a difference in bringing the unlimited potential of biomedical research to benefit the lives of our patients.

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